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"Federica everyone loved your chocolates!  Thanks again."

-J.K., Montclair, NJ


"Dear Federica, thank you for your participation in the Montclair Food & Wine Festival... Your chocolates are divine and it was a real pleasure to meet you at last."

-L.D., Montclair, NJ


"Dolce Federica's chocolates are so beautiful, at first you don't want to even take a bite, you just want to admire them! However, when you finally commit and take that bite into the bonbons (my personal favorite is the fresh raspberry and caramel!), the payoff is incredible. Smooth and delicious, it does not taste like any other chocolate I have bought in this area."

-J.M., Cedar Grove, NJ


"Thank you all for the most enjoyable chocolates!!!  I tried to save one for each Core Team Meeting, however I failed miserably and ate them all during last Friday’s call.

I wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season and I look forward to working with you in 2016!"

-J.L., Dublin, OH

". . . I discovered a chocolate paradise straight out of Luisa Spagnoli’s, Perugina workshop. Federica Heiman, Owner and Chocolatier of Dolce Federica, is as sweet as her company name. Jewels of the table included a beautifully decorated chocolate Easter egg—a nod to the classic Italian, uovo di pasqua, and a gorgeous assortment of delectable European chocolates with Italian influence. Federica tantalizes with prosecco, limoncello, pistachio from Bronte (Sicily’s “green gold”), hazelnuts from Piemonte, olive oils and even balsamic vinegar. Every bite was irresistibly authentic . . . Locals rejoice; she also conducts private events! Complimenti Federica!"

-Jo Ann Tartaglia, Author/Blogger of Life is a Bowl of Pasta


"...Dolce Federica's chocolates were incredible, delicious and beautiful!  She made my dad a custom tray for his birthday too, which he loved!!"

-K.A., Montclair, NJ

"Not only did the chocolates delight my grandmother to no end, she was showing them off to the whole family, bragging about them, and generally being bowled over. You made an old woman very, very happy on Mother's Day and you made her grandson feel like a hero."

-R.K., Sherman Oaks, CA

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