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About Us

Sharing kitchens while traveling, studying and living around the world, I’ve learned to appreciate the rich and intense flavors of my home, Italy. Olive oil, red wine, espresso, balsamic, limoncello, basil, Nutella... colors, scents and tastes that infuse my imagination and provide my inspiration. Is it possible to capture the essence of each delicacy, envelope it in a delicate layer of chocolate fantasy, and vividly unlock the senses these memories evoke? I think so.


Attuned to the realities of modern moms, I challenge myself to cater to diverse palettes, to satisfy nut-free and vegan customers, and, especially important to me, to help kids refine their understanding and taste for local and high-quality sweets.


Chocolate. It’s an incredible indulgence when you’re alone and an unmatchable expression of affection to another. At its best though, it’s a treat to be shared with others. I acknowledge the mentorship of the chefs I’ve been fortunate to share kitchens with: MOF Olivier Bajard (France), 



master chocolatier Keith Hurdman(England), 

chocolate ambassador Estella Moshkowitz (Tel Aviv), Giancarlo Palazzone (Wayne), my brother Marco (Il Pasticcino, Sardinia, Italy) and my mom Alberta (Padua, Italy) – where it all began.

Dolce Federica would not have been possible without the countless tastings, words of encouragement and prodding of so many fellow Montclairians. You know who you are. I appreciate your belief in me, I appreciate the honest feedback. Your support is a core ingredient in every recipe, and I will always be at work on a new culinary invention for you to taste.


So close your eyes, take a bite.



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