Since the time of the ancient Aztecs, chocolate has been heralded a potent aphrodisiac. Herbs and spices have been used for centuries for this very purpose, as shall this selection of handcrafted chocolates in elegant Valentine's designs. Your box will include some of the following aphrodisiac-inspired ganaches:   Zafferano (saffron), Zenzero (ginger),  Espresso & Cardamomo (cardamom), Peperoncino (Italian chili pepper), Coriandolo (Coriander), Peper Rosa (Pink Pepper)  The "Gigante Box" contains 50 handmade bonbons and comes in a beautiful bronze color with magnetic closing and an elegant brown bow and ribbon.


Please note that packaging and design may vary. Contains dairy, soy lecithin and tree nuts. (Nut free and vegan bonbons available on request).

Valentine's Day Selections

  • Piccola Box: 4 bonbons

    Di Mezzo Box: 8 bonbons

    Media Box: 15 bonbons
    Grande Box: 24 bonbons